Construction job sites can be risky places to work. Not only do employees have to contend with heights, moving and falling objects, respiratory dangers and moving vehicles, but they also have to exert their powers of concentration in the midst of all these hazards.

Recently, new technologies have focused on improving the safety of construction workers on job sites. Some of these technologies involve wearable technology and mobile devices. Others involve cutting-edge software programs that allow managers and supervisors to manage risks and know what’s going on in real time. 

If you’re interested in improving site safety and OHS for your construction business, take a look at the following technologies.

1. Digitisation of Safety Process with Mobile Devices

The technology is now available to combine affordable mobile devices with cloud and mobile applications, and this combination can improve your site safety. With real-time site information accessible to all, your workers can detect conflicting activities as they happen and work more productively. 

Here’s an example: as a worker progresses through a series of safety checks on the job site (let’s say they are working at a significant height), all of their safety checks are shared instantaneously with supervisors, co-workers and management as they’re happening. Everyone knows what’s happening and potential problems are detected before incidents occur.

2. Superior Risk Management

Technologies like Vault Intelligence and Mango OHS allow construction businesses to better connect with their teams, reduce incidents on site and stay compliant. With risk management software, you can make all of your OHS tasks more easily, and you’ll also stay on top of everything from one easy-to-view dashboard.

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